Lure of the big boat

No one can ever quite resist the lure of the big boat. I hadn't expected to be in Ocean Terminal to take this picture, but the day didn't quite work out as planned. I worked first thing, and then went through the park to see the PT who remarked - as I myself had already noted - that I urgently needed new trainers. Since this was true about Mr A as well, we decided to go up to the West End and procure new shoes for both of us. After that, we took the bus down to Ocean Terminal to collect a delivery from M&S, and treated ourselves to a well earned burger.

After all that, I've been a bit pooped this afternoon, and so read the book of the Joan Eardley exhibition. To that end, if you like Eardley, you might enjoy this timely feature on the Dangerous Women project website.

I've repurposed a fitbit that L gave Mr A last Christmas, which Mr A completely disdained. It's only a basic one, but it's rather fun, and will help with motivating me. Thus far I've set some highly achievable and realistic goals. Until I saw this big boat from the burger place, I was going to blip me and the fitbit. But as I say, who can resist the lure of a bit boat?

Already seeing how a fitbit can encourage functional walking.

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