Back in the swing....

....of work.

This plasma cutter is truly frightening to use. The noise, smell and brightness of the torch is something to be respected. The way these things work would make you believe the highest health and safety around it is required. It seems very little is needed for it to meet UK standards. There are several cut-off switches and sensors but the fact it's so open makes me feel uneasy, the sound is the worst, not loud but a scary noise.

Anyway it's fun to use, and makes close up photos of it working easy.

Only problem now is I've used up most of the Aluminium sheets worth several hundreds of pounds, so if the boss wants anymore we need to place an order.

There are a million and one things I want to do on this bit of equipment but it's not mine and I think the boss will have something to say about it.

Mr Bo Hingles

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