The life & times of Jacks

By Jacqueline

Carved Sockets

I really expected yesterday to be hard going with it being the first day back at work but this morning and in fact, the whole day, was pretty tough going.

Reasonable day at work - naff weather with rain on the commute in but when I reached my building there was a lovely lady giving people bags/ covers for their soaked brollies.

Had my monthly one-to-one with my boss - we went out and grabbed lunch first so I had a tasty Katsu Chicken salad which was nice.

Commuting over the past two days has been pretty ok with all the trains running on time which is always good so despite a call finishing pretty late I managed to get home quickly and easily to a lovely omlette which was all I needed for dinner.  Now, I think I plan to just go to bed with a good book and get an early night - early-ish.  One more day until the weekend :)

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