The life & times of Jacks

By Jacqueline

Brrrr - Chill Factor

Another rainy, gloomy morning but at least it was Friday!

There was a lot of people in the office today so it was really good to catch up, wish some more "Happy New Years" etc.,  One of my colleagues has a Serbian girlfriend so he is off tomorrow to her family in Belgrade for another Christmas since they are orthodox and follow a slightly different calendar.

As I write this and complain about the weather I am watching the news and oh my word - what extremes in the east coast of the USA - now I feel positively warm :)

At lunch I popped out for an Itsu soup and on the way took this snap of the "walkie talkie" building.  My building is right next door to this one and I did not realise that the shape of the building creates a wind tunnel.  I did always realise there was a bit of a trap but until it was stormy this week I did not realise the full extent of it.  It is an amazing building but clearly not without some minor design flaws.

Now it is finally wind down time, I'm pleased to be sitting with my glass of wine, the two cats and knowledge that it is finally the weekend.  Happy weekend!

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