Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS

John Street

A day like days used to be before all this Christmas and New Year malarkey. Well, up to a point.

Got up at a reasonable time (though, given that I am retired, my idea of reasonable may be different to many people's) and then got down to work, catching up with 'paperwork', phone calls, etc. Actually, it was quite a productive morning, bearing in mind (again) that everything is relative.

Had to go into Glasgow this afternoon to continue this productivity kick (well, I was on a roll) and, on leaving one appointment, noticed the stone carvings above the arches in John Street. Blip for the day sorted too.

Enjoyed an excellent meal out with family in Falkirk in the evening before they headed back to my place to be my 'first-foots'. All-in-all, a rather excellent day. Not been many of them recently.

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