Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Experimental Photography, take 9

at least three faces
created by icm* --
it took a few tries

This is my first (and second if you count the extra of Julie) submission to this week's challenge in Markus Hediger's Experimental Photography challenges series.

*ICM: Intentional Camera Movement

The brief was ICM/people. I used the two people closest to me today. Julie, to celebrate her being at home for the weekend (yay!) and myself.

As for ICM techniques, I decided I'd try two movements, which are normally used in the cinema world: a panorama and a forward travelling.

The main photo (the pano) was taken with my 50mm prime lens set at ISO100, aperture f/22, and shutter speed 5 seconds. It gave me time to move slowly from left to right, even more slowly when the camera was right in front of my face.

The extra is a forward travelling shot. I moved forward about 50 centimetres in the course of the 3 seconds the shutter remained open. The other settings are: ISO100, f/5 (I had my back to the light source, so I needed to open the diaphragm quite a bit more).

It's incredible how much I feel better when Julie's home. I have a surge of energy, was able to cook and will do so again tonight. Dessert will be King's Cake (well, the French version of it, made of puff pastry filled with frangipane), as it's Twelfth Night (or was that last night, I can never tell!). I won't be making it: our baker sells excellent ones! :-)

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