Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

ICU with ICM

shooting icm
gave me a bionic eye
and out of shape face

Good fun again today taking pictures using Intentional Camera Movement.

For this photo, inspired by Markus's portrait of his daughter Isabella (loosely inspired: I have a much sorrier mug than young I. !), I divided the open shutter time in two parts that were as equal as possible, tilting the camera sharply downwards at half point. Very much worth a look large, I think.

In the others I took today, I applied various movements, be they panning, tilting, free movement with axis change etc. I rather like that they sometimes look (or rather, that they make me look) a bit monstrous.

In other news: we had an excellent, quiet weekend. What a change it was compared to her previous hospital stays, when weekends spent at home were most often fraught with anxiety, panic attacks and so on.

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