Baggy Trousers?

I can't see whether this corvid,  perched on a dead branch right at the top of an oak tree in the field south of our property, has baggy trousers or not. It's plumage does look slightly scruffy in silhouette, so it could be a rook. The other distinguishing feature of rooks, in addition to the baggy trousers, is a bare patch around the beak. It's much too far away and the light was too poor this afternoon to see that. Another similar bird was perched in the same tree. It's more usual for carrion crows to be seen in ones and twos and rooks in flocks. Whatever it is I have great respect for the crow family, they're not birdbrains at all, their intelligence is on a par with that of the great apes. 

I enjoyed revisiting this once I'd hit on my title. :)

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