Tashi Delek.

Thank you soooo much for all the love for my blipday yesterday. I woke up to find myself at the top of the favourites page - wow! :))
I will try my best to reply to everyone in the next few days - it means a lot.

So today we set off to find the elusive Red Panda. We failed to spot any in Langtang, Nepal last month, so had to drive up to the snowy Highlands where a wee family live at the Highland Wildlife Park. This one's a baby.
Lots of snow, and lots of Snow Monkeys, and a few Amur Tigers, Snow Leopards (but they're eating lumps of meat in all the photos, so I'll give them a miss) & Polar Bears to see. (A few in extras)
And a crepuscular sunset on our way home! Have you ever seen such a thing?
Captainbob chose to blip a different animal :)

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