By ArcLight

Slung to Singapore

Yeah. Yeah. Back to Singapore for just one night for a family dinner. Preceded by drinks on the roof terrace of the National Gallery. It was just about worth the aggravation of **another** delayed Air Asia flight. That's 4 Air Asia flights we've taken and all four have been delayed either somewhat or severely. The only one that was only somewhat delayed was the only one where it didn't matter that much - i.e. Luang Prabang to KL - as it was the severe delay from KL to Penang on the second flight that meant our overall trip was badly delayed. Back to the airport tomorrow to see whether or not we can manage at least one flight on this holiday that isn't delayed. So far the only one that was more or less on time was the hop on Laos Airlines from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang.

In the extra there's L blowing out his birthday candle (he has declared January to be a month of celebrations...).

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