Foggy Night

Wednesday already...and this made us happy.  Feeling tired.  

I had Jury Duty, but I ended up not on a jury, and back at work before lunch.  I had hoped just a tiny bit to be placed on a jury.  I have never been placed on a jury, and I think I would like to have that experience.  However, I can't stand conflict, so if the jury has to argue with each other....ack.

Sugar had a good day.  Back to swimming after school.  It is cold outside, but the water is warm, so it is nice. 

I grabbed this shot on our way home.  I'm working on a few photography goals for of which is night photography.  I am wanting to learn more about it, and improve my skills.  This was NOT the shot I was looking for, but I learned some things...which is the point.  

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