Sweetness Overload

Tuesday was hard in the morning.  UGH....we do not want to get back into the swing of things......but we do anyhow.  

Sugar has a good day at school.  Her whole schedule is flipped due to the fact that they wanted to move her up to advanced Language Arts.  The only class staying on the same schedule is her elective.  She was sad to now have much fewer classes with some of her friends, but she gained many classes with others.  In the end, she can see that it will help her branch out.  She had a good attitude about it. 

After school, she went to babysit little honey, and they had a nice time.  I stuck around a bit when I arrived to pick her up and chatted.  Baby girl had grown so much, and is giving such beautiful smiles.  What a treat she is at the end of a long day.  This shot was taken in a nearly dark room.  There is much grain in it...but I found it beautiful anyhow. 

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