Moving into 2018

(eeekkk...somehow I didn't post for this I posted out of order.  I NEVER do that.)

We slept in WAY too long, as we had all been up late ringing in the New Year.  I had hoped to be up earlier so we would have time with our friends before leaving around noon.  Alas...we left at 2pm instead....but that was okay.  Sugar had time to finish up her game of Catopoly, and we had hugs....and wishes for a wonderful 2018.  Our drive home was beautiful, and we stopped a few times for photos.  

The Hubby was happy to see us when we arrived home, and we had some time for a few chores, and to mentally prepare for the coming week.  We had a hard time falling asleep at a reasonable time due to the fact that we had gotten off schedule so much. 

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