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By ajt

Sepia challenge 2

Working from home this week, after dinner we're getting on with the sepia jigsaw challenge. It has rather a lot of sky with no detail, as shown in the blip, the only way to do this kind of jigsaw is by brute force, sort the pieces by shape and try them one at a time in the spaces until you find the one that fits! It is rather tedious but it does work, so my better half did the bits with detail and I worked on the bits without.

Tip if you are even in a team building challenge/game and you have to do a jigsaw the team without a manager in tends to do better. The reason is that different people do jigsaws in different ways, and teams with a manager in tend to be forced into the same method which is sub-optimal for some of the team members. For example starting with the edges is a good technique but not the best use of time for everyone.

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