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By ajt

Sepia challenge 3: Done

Today after a few hours of work we completed our sepia challenge, all 1000 pieces of it. It was rather tedious to do at times, but we managed it in the end. My better half concentrated on matching similar shades to build up detail and I tried pieces one at a time until I found a match. Given that the die repeats just because a pieces fits doesn't automatically mean it's right, but it was obvious when it was wrong, so we only had a few pieces that needed moving after installation.

Apparently the photo on which the jigsaw was made from dates back to the 1890s, but Perrier didn't put up the first illuminated advert in Piccadilly until the 1908, though it's impossible to tell from this picture if the sign is illuminated, however the brand didn't really exist before 1900, so I suspect the picture is probably post 1900, not pre and that the jigsaw manufacturer is wrong.

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