Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Blue skies

A beautiful day with clear blue skies but rather cold. After a late breakfast I started making lunch, as I decided to make lamb shanks and they need to cook slowly for quite some time. Then I left them simmering away on the cooker under the watchful eye of Adam, and Gavin and I went to Kingston with Thomas to buy his birthday present. His birthday is in 10 days time but once term starts we won't have much time to go shopping - he wanted a jacket and so he needed to be present to try it on. The sales are on so we found a perfect jacket at a very good price. 

This was a quick shot taken of the River Thames in Kingston - it was a beautiful day as can be seen by the blue skies, but it was cold and so no one was on the water. 

We got home in time for lunch which was rather delicious - usually I am told by Thomas that Gordon (Ramsay) would do it this way or Marcus (Wareing) would do it that way (hinting my way is incorrect) but today I got .... 'this is pretty much perfect'! Cheeky blighter! So lunch was a success. 

This week everything is back to normal again after the holidays. Adam is going back to university tomorrow night, a few weeks ahead of term,  so that he can work. Thomas starts school on Wednesday and it will be full on from the beginning - they will be rehearsing so much for a concert they are having at Cadogan Hall in London on the 19th of this month, and Thomas is in nearly every part of the program so he is involved in all the rehearsals.

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