In the wee small hours of the morning...

Stayed up very late last night, enjoying the last few hours of the Christmas lights, and, as is tradition in this house, the last of the Christmas candles were lit. My German whirligig was burning away into the wee small hours of the morning...

So today has disappeared in packing away the tree decorations and lights, dragging the tree out into the garden, moving furniture back into place and sweeping up the half of the Christmas tree that decided to spread itself around the house!

In between all that tidying I’ve been enjoying coverage of the bobsleigh and skiing action, and finishing off all the Christmas food leftovers, Christmas tree crumpets and chocolate Yule Log for tea!

So with Christmas well and truly over (well, until next time!), I think the theme of Winter may take over my journal. And if you’re wondering, the Three Kings didn’t bring me any Mince Pies, but they did bring me some very nice candles, and a Camembert!!

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