7th January 2018:

This is Laston at the back with his forestry team.
Their task in the next to months is to plant is to plant three hectares of pine trees and about two hectares of Eucalyptus.

We have already grown the seedlings which are ready for planting.

Here we have been given land by Bishop John Ryan, the Bishop of Mzuzu, where we will also grow 2000 Apple trees, Mango Avocado, Papaya, Peaches, Citrus, Guava and many more.

Bishop John was Professor of Mathematics at the University until he got the call from Pope Francis to take the job following the tragic death of Bisho Joseph Zuzu in a traffic accident.

The next step in our partnership will be to spread the massage through the diocese, that even the poorest women can make money by planting trees!!

It's true, so there will be no more emphasis on Climate change which they haven't caused, but on the BUSINESS of planting trees.

His diocese, about  a quarter of the size of our island has about 600,000 Catholics.
They will be asked, with our help to sow 10 trees each this year. Of course those who are not Catholics will get the same offer of hel , about 1.7 million people in all.

The mathematics are a little frightening, so if we can get  two million trees sown this year, I will be over the moon.

A Little Note:
We manufactured installed almost 500 Pumps in 2017, a bit of a miracle in itself, but also managed to get the women to grow firewood trees by giving them seeds and potting tubes, becaues now that they had clean water beside them, they were now walking miles and miles for firewood.

Big problems: simple solutions

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