By wellsforzoe

Secondary School visit

10th January 2018:

Hi Boss,

My report from Enyezin Secondary School;

Travelled: Harisen, Angelina and myself.

It was a good trip and successful. The girls and the Teachers were so happy to see us and so thankful  for all our support for remembering them in all things and making their lives to be changed each and every day.

We distributed Underwears  and Bras which made them so happy, as many don’t have underwear and none had bras.

We also taught them how to make and sew their reusable sanitary pads and how to wash and use them.

This was their first training making pads, which keeps girls out of school many days every month.

The girls are so interested and invited us to find a full day to sew pads so that everyone can have and use them.
My answer was yes we will.

Yesterday I was with Margaret, who is now with us full-time. We bought materials for uniforms the girls and today I went to the tailor and  he will start working on the uniforms tomorrow.


The pic shows the excitement.

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