Maize crop

17th January 2018:

Maize is the staple food in Malawi. Success of the crop decides on the level of starvation poor people will endure. 
It is hard to imagine that this is a crop of local maize with no artificial fertilizer or pesticides.
Malawi land we see is generally depleted of nutrients , acidic and mostly unfit for purpose.
Artificial fertilizer is hugely expensive.

Our answer is a plant called Tephrosia, which you will see in between the maize.  It grows over the dry season and fixed nitrogen. Crushed leaves are used to kill the mail pest, stalk borers in the early stage and leaves along the ground produces a nitrogen boost, instead of urea at flowering time.

The yield here will be better than anything Monsanto has to offer, non GM and totally organic.

Angelina is picking the few weeds that have dared to appear.

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