Getting prepped.

I was very relieved that Leo’s footie match was cancelled as I wasn’t looking forward to freezing on the touchline. Instead, we had a nice cuppa at the library, before a treat of a visit to the woolshop where I picked up some wool ready to whip up some goodies for my sister.

The wool I ordered for my temperature blanket also arrived so I got busy planning the gauge and colours. I decided on a nice muted range rather than sticking to the official colours, since I am more likely to use it if it makes me happy to look at it :) Here is the final arrangement so I will be getting started very soon!

We didn’t have a totally free footie day as it was FA Cup day for Exeter. It was a fun atmosphere but after going a goal down after a minute, Exeter lost against West Brom 2-0. I know West Brom are struggling in the Premiership but you could see the difference in quality. Exeter were lucky not to lose more goals.  We did all get to cheer a saved penalty though - mainly because the West Brom penalty was a shocker!

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