The second half of life..

By twigs

Fly me to the.....

Well, forget the moon.  I'm happy these days to simply fly to the back garden.  More flies, still fascinated with them.  Experimenting a bit today with how far the ISO can be pushed.   Methinks this is a bit too far.  Still, he ramains an attractive fellow despite his nasty habits and rather blurred demeanour. 

Another biggie - finally managed to fix the tap I've been working on!  $23 and 24 hours!  A good job I don't charge myself tradie hours!  There's something so very satisfying about fixing things yourself........working out the issues, planning a solution, sourcing the parts, putting it all together.............then [usually], when it doesn't work, figuring what I hadn't figured, planning a[nother] solution, sourcing [more] parts, putting it all together [again].........Frustrating but satisfying all at once.

Mrs T visited again this evening.  She looked a bit 'hedgehog in the headlights' when I approached her so I backed off and left her to snuffle along in her own time.  No decent pics of her this time :(

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