Johnston Gardens

It seems a long time since I went to have a look to see what is going on at Johnston Gardens. The pond was largely frozen over, but the ducks did not seem to be too bothered, enough of the pond was clear of ice so they could have a paddle. They seemed to like having all the extra space where they could stand on the ice, undisturbed by shrubbery.

One of the staff asked if I had got a photo of the Kingfisher. Well I had not seen it , and he didn't think he had seen it today either. He told me where it usually stands. I decided to make do with pictures of ducks.

 A photographer was taking wedding pictures. Well it was not the day to be standing around in a wedding dress. Not as cold as yesterday maybe, but not a day for bare shoulders. I almost stopped to sympathise! How did the groom manage to look happy, never mind his frozen bride.

It was only 4 degrees while I was at Johnston Gardens. No rain and although there was a lot of cloud around the sun did manage to appear from time to time.

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