Lake Poaka

We're home now, much cooler here on the coast, in fact its raining.
Firstly thanks for your lovely comments, stars and hearts on Ella in the lavender field.  Appreciated.

Well as expected, another action packed day for us all - we called on friends early on, then called into (well alongside) Loch Cameron then onto Lake Poaka (blip) - the sky was amazing, and with very little wind some nice reflections to be had. 
I was in my element, Ella, Harry and Doug were very patient while I satisfied my photography needs.

From there we headed down to Lake Tekapo, having lunch up in the Astro Cafe on Mt John.  Then down to the village and the hot pools.  Very easy to fill in the afternoon in the variety of pools, all with temperatures ranging from 39 degs to 18 degs.  We rather liked the 37 deg one.  The kids loved the variety of pools with each pool offering different things.

Take a peek at the extra and where the children are pointing.  This billboard is on the road advertising the horse trekking.

Got home late, but found the energy to cook a "proper" dinner for us all.


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