Tintin in Edinburgh

BB was much brighter this morning – it has taken him two days and nights to get over his sleepover.  We dropped him off as usual and headed for the train.  Only two carriages turned up, which were already totally packed, so we didn’t get on.  We, and a load of other people, were left on the platform waiting on the next train.  And guess what, the next train was only two carriages and it was already very busy, but we squeezed on.  it was one of the most uncomfortable train journeys I have had in a while through.  We were stuck at the toilet door by the bikes, with no space. So I eventually got into work late, which never sets me up well for the day.

I had a busy day again, but made myself pop out to John Lewis at lunchtime to get a couple of things in their sale, and I left earlier than usual this evening as I had to return something to a shop up Lothian Road, which is not terribly convenient for my office.  I managed to get there before it closed and got things sorted out, and then had plenty time to wander back to get the bus home, and I even had time to look briefly in a couple of shops.

The boys got in from football training just after I got home.  BB loves the treat I bought him in the John Lewis sale – a cosy onsie!

I like this window display in Paper Tiger.  I want the map!

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