By Veronica

From sunny Seville to blurry Beeston

One of precisely two photos I've taken in the last three days ... the greengrocer in grey, rainy Beeston has a trolleyful of Seville oranges. I decided I couldn't lug a sack of them home on the plane. It feels quite unusual to see an actual greengrocer on a British high street these days. Especially one that sells fresh seafood.

My mum is now safely ensconced in a care home, so we've been visiting for a few days. She's not exactly full of beans, but she's definitely in better shape than she was when we saw her in hospital in October, and being very well looked after; our main criticism being the difficulty the staff appear to have in grasping the concept of vegetarianism. But they seem to be getting there.

I have not been feeling very photographically motivated, and in addition the Internet connection in her house is very flaky. Normal service will be resumed at some point, but not right away.

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