Ella, as a music box dancer

Ella is such a good sport - pouring down with rain, asked her to do some leaps for Abstract Thursday, outside we went and I clicked off some shots, made it not a triptych.....I like triptychs.
Ella & Harry are now home, the weather was a bit of a concern being very wet with low cloud but they left on time and arrived safely in Wellington is similar conditions it seems.  
We are under "Severe Weather Warning" from the Met Service today and overnight.....its rained most of the night, never let up all day - we are drenched.
The weather meant there wasn't much I could do, so have been enjoying the ASB Classic tennis quarter finals all afternoon.

The info won't relate to the three pictures, as I used another image as my background but I've just checked and these were shot at 1/6 sec.


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