We live in a work of art

"We live within a work of Art that creates itself in relation to our participation. The more we participate in the Art of existence the more its quality as Art becomes apparent. When we learn to allow our senses to make direct contact with the fields of the senses – we learn how to enjoy the display of everyone and everything everywhere."
-- Ngakpa Chögyam

Rhywbeth dw i wedi dysgu ers i mi ddechrau gyda Blipfoto yw'r natur artistig y byd naturiol.  Pan ddych chi'n gwerthfawrogi beth ddych chi'n gweld, a phan ddych chi'n tynnu ffotograffau o beth ddych chi'n gwerthfawrogi, dych chi'n gallu creu rhaeadru o weledigaeth a gwerthfawrogiad parhaus.  Mewn geiriau eraill: mae'n anodd rhoi eich camera i ffwrdd. Roedd e'n fel yna'r bore yma gyda niwl dros y caeau ac afon yn y parc.

Something I've learned since I started with Blipfoto is the artistic nature of the natural world. When you appreciate what you see, and when you take photographs of what you appreciate, you can create a cascade of continuous vision and appreciation. In other words: it's difficult to put your camera away. It was like that this morning with mist over the fields and river in the park.

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