Sleeping Buddha

The Reclining Buddha Temple (Wat Chayamangkalaram) is a Thai temple in Georgetown and is famous for its gold plated recliing Buddha which is 33 metres long. It reminds me of the lyrics which feature in many old blues songs including Lonnie Donegan's 'Cumberland Gap' which is probably where I first heard it: "I got a girl, she's six feet tall, she sleeps in the kitchen with her feet in the hall." No disrespect intended to anyone of Buddhist or other faith.

I've included a few extras of the temple including one of a Hindu (I'm guessing) shrine which we passed on the way from Gurney Plaza. I don't know who it's dedicated to although it might be Lord Shiva. If you have any knowledge of Indian deities I'd be pleased to know.

After that we returned to Gurney Plaza to wander the mall and see what's there. Even Lady Marian couldn't find much inspiration and we soon returned to the hotel for some lunch and a bed by the pool where we sat and read even when the heavens opened and the rain poured down. We were under a nice little shelter so were quite comfortable until the little flying things started biting.

There are a few more in my album here if you'd like to see them.

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