Black-naped Orioles

I was pleased to hear these Black-naped Orioles calling in the trees near the pool. I'd seen one earlier in the day but couldn't get a clear shot of him. These two are at the limit of my 150-600mm equivalent lens so I'm pleased to get them reasonably sharp. I had to sort through quite a few! They will look better on the black background if you can (something I'm struggling with on the broadband here).

I started off today with a session in the gym, I felt I needed that today and was much happier lounging by the pool knowing I'd done it. I was treated to a view of a different sunbird than the one I saw a few days ago, smaller and more delicate. It was feeding in heliconias outside the gym window.

Apart from that it's been a lazy day, I was going to take a walk but didn't seem to get to it. We're hoping the rain will stay off this evening as we'd like to go to the night market and the opportunities are decreasing as we're running out of days. I won't be sorry to get home and back into a more normal routine, although I'm sure I'll wince a bit at first with the cold and the dull weather of January.

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