A Bleak Outlook

Only weatherwise, I'm not predicting any other kind of grief.

The rain started early and hasn't let up all day. I didn't fancy doing an indoor blip so as the light started to fade I set out to do a drive-by shooting. Just up the road I passed one of our wonderful old phone boxes (we have two in the village still in use) and thought on a grey day it might be ideal for a blip. I'd been playing with the 'advanced filters' in a quiet moment yeterday so used 'Red partial' which you and I know better as selective colour or that terrible term, 'colour pop'. A quick turn of a dial and it's done, unlike all the painstaking work I've had to do with layer masks in Photoshop on past occasions.

The rain seems to have turned to sleet now so who knows, there could be snow overnight. What I could do with is a friend with a rufty tufty 4wd to take me up on Dartmoor if that happens.

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