Moonlight Bay

I've been strolling along on the delightfully named Moonlight Bay. It's about a mile down to the east of where we're staying. I got a taxi there because although it's easily within walking distance there's no walkway on the road and it seems absolutely lethal to walk with sharp bends and lots of traffic.

It was great to see this traditional boat on the beach. It's covered in barnacles and gives my blip a Bounty Bar desert island look. It's only a small beach so after I'd had look around I walked up the road which in this part has a raised kerb which was wide enough to walk on. The next beach is  Miami Bay and I've include an extra of the fisherman's cat which was sitting on a rock by his nets, watching as he bailed out his boat. The cat seems to have lost his tail (probably trying to cross that road!).

We did get to the night market last night. It rained while we were having cocktails but it stopped so we took an umbrella with us and set off. Wouldn't you know it, it started up again in complete torrent. Marian bought a couple of things but I managed to resist the budget Rolexes. I only took one shot and that's in my album here if you'd like to see it with some others from today.

There's been a wedding taking place in the hotel today. After breakfast there was a lot of horns honking as a line of black BMWs and Mercedes (presumably the groom's side) came into the car park followed by a load of white BMWs (the bride's side). We don't see many german cars here, they're mostly Protons and Peroduas with the occasional Mazda or Honda.

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