Looking out to Sea

The day was generally misty and about -10°C so I went down to the sea at Älandsbro to see if it was frozen.  As you can see it is!  This is at the inland end of a long inlet so it freezes well before the open sea does.
Later I drove to Smitingen, the beach bordering the open sea. The sea was completely unfrozen there. When I got to the edge of the sea it was almost dark. I stepped onto the sand and it turned out the sand was both  frozen and glazed over, and I flew into the air and landed on my shoulder. It hurt. A lot. I gingerly moved it - "not dislocated so that's good". I gave up the walk and retreated directly to the car, breathing rapidly and trying to analyse what hurt. Back at the car it turned out I could change gear, albeit in a strange manner, so I drove home via the shops - I was out to do the shopping really.
Jan prodded and poked and reckons muscles and ligaments are damaged. I'm inclined to agree as some movements are unnaffected while others are impossible without support.
Maybe tomorrow it'll be OK...

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