The life & times of Jacks

By Jacqueline

Challenge - Abstract Thursday in B&W

This isn't the most creative image but it is marking a bit of an anniversary for me.

Today, exactly a year ago, I was out with a friend for dinner and on the way to the train station I had a bit of a fall and broke my wrist - badly.

I knew it was broken immediately and so ended up in A&E throughout the night as they attempted 3 times to manually manipulate the bone back into place.  The first time, lidocaine pretty much numbed the wrist enough, the second, feeling was returning but by the third - boy, did I feel it!  

Anyways, on the 13th I had surgery where the surgeon put a plate with 9 screws to pull all the pieces back into place.  One year later and the wrist is still a bit on the stiff side, but the one thing I was always grateful for was the excellent job the surgeon did on stitching it back together - so neat that there is barely a scar.  Even shortly after removal of bandages the scar looked pretty neat as can be seen in this shot which was shortly after bandages and dressings removed.

I did almost go back and take a pic of the spot where it happened but that felt a bit too morbid so instead, the completely sorta healed wrist and barely visible scar.

Almost the weekend - happy Thursday!

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