Cake it

Runeberg torte (Runergergintorttu) is only available in the shops from early January to 5 February (Runeberg's birthday). There were little bits to try on the counter in the bakery where I often buy my lunch, and I was unable to resist trying a whole one (they aren't that big - maybe 3 cms diameter and 5 cms tall). I'm surprised that Runeberg, as a Swedish speaking Finn (as was the entire elite class in the 19th C...) didn't get the same treatment from Martin Kettle as did Sibelius in his entirely dumb and hugely criticised attempt to deconstruct Finnish independence celebrations.

And that on a day when I felt like death. The effects of a second consecutive 2am waking were starting to be felt. I was ok first thing, but I struggled through most of the day, which also incorporated a rather uncomfortable meeting (and more cake at the end of that...). I'm afraid I didn't feel like I accomplished very much, but at least everything that needed to be sorted before tomorrow's next departure has been sorted. I managed to go to M&S and acquired a couple of pairs of trousers that fit. Given they are two sizes smaller than some of the stuff I was buying less than 2 years ago, that feels like a victory.

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