and through the wire...

By hesscat


We had a power cut today, for just a minute or so, but afterwards my PC was playing up, the oven wouldn't kick in and when I switched one thing on, another thing slowed down... weird!

I looked out the window and it looked like some electricity poles had wrapped around a branch and they were all jiggling about but as I was on the phone to the power company I saw that our tallest tree had snapped and fell on the cables. Although it was windy, I have to assume it had experienced some damage in a previous storm and today was the limit. I reckon it must have been 10m came off the top.

The linesmen were fairly quick to respond but I was surprised the attempt to remove it from the cable... just pull it down (with power off) and when it came off, that wire was spinning round like a skipping rope... These 2 larch trees are fairly robust, they've lost tops before and another branch just takes over, in face this one already has a top branch heading straight up so will now be the leader.

We went to see Darkest Hour tonight... woah it was good, awards will be forthcoming I expect. Set in the month or so before Dunkirk, it follows Churchill's appointment to PM and decisions on how to proceed. You might say it is the perfect film to see before watching Dunkirk. That's just as well, Moorflix is showing Dunkirk tomorrow night, can't wait!

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