By Livingandloving

We have a Teenager

Sugar was up early on her Birthday.  She wanted to have time to straighten her hair.  She was in such a wonderful, happy mood.  Don't get me wrong, my girl is almost always in a happy mood....except in the mornings....she isn't usually in a BAD mood...she is just tired and quiet.  It was fun to see her hopping around, full of energy.  

She had her Birthday blueberry muffin, with a candle for breakfast before leaving for school.  She chatted happily about all sorts of things on the way into town, and departed the car with a skip in her step.  

I spent the day in meeting after meeting at work, but my heart was with my Sug.  She is everything I ever wanted in a daughter.  I am blessed beyond measure.  She is thoughtful, considerate, smart, funny, beautiful, humble, kind, and loving.  I couldn't ask for more.  

After swim, we went out for some french fries, and a strawberry milkshake.  It was exactly what she wanted.  I had a burger instead of a milkshake.....well, because of the no Sugar thing....not by choice.  My burger was delicious, though.  

We got home, and she opened her presents.  Her favorite was the Calendar featuring the characters from her favorite show, "Once Upon A Time."  She couldn't wait to hang it up.  She also got a suitcase, a few clothes, a puzzle, a little purse, and an alarm clock from us, and a few presents from other family.  

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