Fat Pie

Lynda arrived yesterday evening and stayed over at Helena's house. The two gals spent most of the day together today. Steve came over to my house and we played some games while Marleny cleaned. Thank heavens for her cleaning skills. The house is now ready for the party on Sunday. Jason and Elke arrive this evening in Seattle. They are going to do some sight-seeing there tomorrow and then come up to Bellingham. Excitement is building for the party on Sunday January 14th starting at 3:00. Please come on by if you live in Bellingham or nearby. I haven't done the best job inviting everybody so if you are my friend, assume you are invited! My phone numbers haven't changed so call for my new address and information about the party. I'd love to see you all.

This shot is Bellingham at night. Steve and I met up with the gals and we all went to the Cafe Akroteri Greek restaurant for dinner. Yummy food. Then we stopped at Cresswell Boggs just for fun. Steve drove me home and we played one last game before he took off. Nice day.

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