The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

At Arvin's Grave

Had a wonderful day today. Took the kitties to the vets this morning so they could stay there until after the party. That way I won't be worried about them getting out or being scared.

Got together with the gals at noon. We did a couple of errands and then we took a trip to Ferndale to visit Arvin's grave. Steve met us by bike. I showed Lynda where the plantings were near the grave site. We all spent some time with Arvin before Steve continued on his ride and the gals and I went home to have some lunch. 

Afterwards Helena was in the mood for a nap and Lynda and I for a foray down Chuckanut to the Chuckanut Bay Gallery. Lynda and Helena gave me a nice gift certificate for that wonderful gallery and I wanted to pick something out. I found a rust-colored garden screen that was just perfect for my little garden. It had an owl and leaves and was lovely. Lynda bought a couple of nice small gifts for herself and her sister. When we got home I installed the screen behind the bird bath. It looks wonderful. I'll blip it one of the days.

Soon Steve arrived and then Jason and Elke came as well. The six of us had a lovely time talking, laughing and opening our late Christmas presents together. Then we all walked to the Goji Fusion Bistro for dinner. As always the food was delicious. We walked home and by that time everybody (except me) was ready to call it a night. They took off and I did a bit of cleaning up and here I am doing my blip. We meet again tomorrow at noon to set up for the party at 3:00. I am looking forward to celebrating with many of my friends.

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