Rodents rule

By squirk


The bird feeders were very busy this morning: blackbirds, robins, great tits, pigeons, blue tits, starlings, fox (under the feeders), squirrels and three ring-necked parakeets. I love the way they use their claws as "hands" (see extra pic). Juno watched with interest and made monkey noises at them from the windowsill.

The boiler got its annual check this morning. Poor Fred was recovering from a migraine so the bedroom radiator remains unbled. The engineer said his wife suffers from one or two migraines a week. Oh my goodness, the poor woman. She's on a whole variety of pills and has regular check ups for the side effects. I'm thankful for having only one migraine every few months or so. 

A busy day at home working on an index and some fact-checking. All is well.

Happy weekend!

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