By greengirl

something completely different

Recently I interviewed Frank Hayes for "Humans of Dumfries and Galloway". Frank founded "Drawing for Enjoyment" with workshops where people of all ages and abilities could come and draw - for fun. He said I should give it a try - so today I did just that. 

We were at Dumfries Museum and were gently steered towards drawing either fossils or farming implements from the time of Robert Burns (or anything else). I went for the 'anything else'. I was struck by this bust of Richard Alexander Oswald, landowner and elected MP for Ayrshire in 1832. His first wife Lucy was much admired by Burns - she died of TB at a young age. 

I was fascinated by Mr Oswald's shaggy eyebrows, and his hair. He was a challenge to draw, and I haven't done much drawing since leaving school many years ago. 

I must admit, though, that it was just rather nice to sit quietly in an alcove for two hours, drawing away, uninterrupted. I really did enjoy it :-)

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