By greengirl

tiny forest

I feel I need time and space to wind down after the all excitement of last week, so I decided not to go anywhere today. I read some  of my book "The Shrimp and the Anemone" by LP Hartley, unpacked and did some washing and a bit of quilt sewing. I refreshed my sourdough starter and used the discard to make a pancake which I ate for lunch with banana, soya yoghurt, agave syrup and walnuts. Cooked some chick peas for tonight's dahl.

This afternoon I went for a walk with was sunny but there was a fiercely cold wind blowing. Everywhere is showing signs of new life - snowdrops, the new shoots of ground elder (already!) and a primrose blooming in a sheltered corner of the garden.

Time to warm up a bit by the fire now :-)

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