Winter’s Day In The Big Smoke!

The Millennium Bridge, London

(I’ve often seen this view of the Millennium Bridge on blip, but I’ve never seen it with so many people!)

When I was asked if I’d go up to London for the day to deliver a credit card to my sister-in-law who’s in the UK on business this week, all expenses paid, I wasn’t going to say no! A long day, but a great day...

- Train from my local station into Bath
- Train to Paddington
- Tube to Notting Hill Gate
- Two hours at SIL’s hotel
- Tube to St Paul’s
- Walk across Millennium Bridge
- Tate Modern for lunch, the Modigliani exhibition and a cuppa in the Members’ Bar, overlooking the Thames, watching the lights of London come on at dusk
- Back across the Millennium Bridge, past St Paul’s, taking in the city lights
- Tube back to SIL’s hotel
- Prosecco and nibbles
- Taxi to Paddington
- Train to Bath
- Train to local station
- Home and collapse in heap!

(Backblip: got home very late and was totally zonked. Will catch up with you all asap...)

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