Well, having been out most of yesterday it was back down to earth today.

Supermarket, laundry, ironing, deskwork... Really it was sometime between 7 and 8pm before I put my feet up to relax.

It's going to be a busy and tiring week. It's hard to predict what the day job will throw at us, but I have a Rotary meeting on Monday evening and Gaelic class on Wednesday evening. I have a meeting in Edinburgh on Friday afternoon too, so it will be next weekend in no time at all.

I went over to Dysart for coffee after lunch, but the place is busier at the weekends and I enjoy the more relaxed feel it has during the week. I got some fresh air and a Blip as well as the cappucino. Spring still seems a long way away.

My first task tomorrow may be to petition the Scottish Government to make Martin Luther King Day a public holiday in Scotland.

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