Lovely day with my family.  Tim and I hung out with my Mum until lunchtime, then walked down to my sister's house to pick my niece up for a photo walk.  She got a camera (actually one of my old ones) for her birthday last year, and I've been promising ever since to do this, so it was good to finally get round to it - and lovely to spend some quality time with her.  She is such a sweetheart :)

Ruby led us up towards Tor Woods, and we carried on for quite a way along that path, spotting things to photograph along the way.  I was giving Ruby a few pointers, but she had such a good eye for it, she didn't really need much guidance.  Loved this bench we came across - both of us took the same photo.

We turned back and walked a little way along the path to Dulcote - got a few more shots along there - and then walked back down through Wells to her house.  Spent quite a while chatting to my sister, brother-in-law and nephew, then Tim and I walked back up to my Mum's.

My sister et al caught up to us about an hour later, and she cooked us a delicious chicken tray bake dinner.  We had a really lovely evening all sitting round the kitchen table, with quite a few drinks consumed, and some very belated Christmas presents exchanged.  Fabulous evening!

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