Soil garnish

We had a decent lie-in this morning, then hung out with my Mum until the early afternoon.  Had a good clean up of her kitchen and took out all her recycling, etc, and we sat down for a nice buffet lunch before Tim and I headed back to London.  Had another amazingly good journey - only 2 hours 45 mins - practically unheard of, especially for a Sunday afternoon!

I spent the best part of half an hour cooking a tasty dinner - then promptly threw my whole portion all over the living room floor and in the potted plant.  F***!  Tim kindly gave me a bit of his, and then I had some cheese and crackers, too.  What a bloody waste!  And what a frickin' mess!  Took me ages to get it all cleaned up.  So thankful for the bar of Astonish we keep in the kitchen cupboard - it works miracles!

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