Week 1.

First of all, alot have happened after my last post.. 
The biggest change is that I got a babyboy last February. <3 
Many other things have happened during the past about 2years but that's the biggest and lovelyest one. 

Now I've decided to post one picture every week of the past week, make some kind of diary I guess? 

The year 2018 started on monday. Not quite often year starts on Monday. 

Our year started also by packing our stuff to car and driving to home. We had been in Imatra about two weeks, over the Christmas holidays and New Years eve.

Our boys year started also with a new tooth. First tooth to up! I didn't see it in the morning in Imatra but in the evening at home I saw it right away. 

Also new flavours began to show in baby's plate. He turned 10 months in after Christmas so now he can start eaten cottage cheese, quark, sour milk etc. The cottage cheese turned to be his favorite right away! 

On Friday we went to 'Hoplop' in Helsinki, it's a adventure park for kids. It was the second time for me and boy, first to daddy.

On Sunday we went to celebrate the 1st Birthday of friends babygirl. She's the first baby that born in 2017 to any of my friends. (2017 I had my boy, 2 Godchilds born, and this girl and two other babys born to people I know.) For bday present I sew this unicorn jumpsuit to her.

I can't stand how fast the time flys. I remember she born just yesterday. I was hoping to hear the birth story soon, because mine was coming fast too, so I could prepare to it. (For fact, I was suffering of the fear of birth.) And now she turned ONE yesterday! Wow. I think I'm turning 50 soon if the time flys this fast...

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