Week 2.

This week has been lovely. I have seen many dear friends of mine. 

Monday was not so good day. Well it was fine but we went for a walk with my boy and he didn't like it very much. I don't know why he doesnt like going out with me but with his daddy he likes... 

Tuesday we went to one kids activity park in Porvoo with my new friend who also had babyboy last year, few weeks after me. She took her son in to the park and I took mine. They played together, we had fun. 

Wednesday I saw two ex co-workers of mine, we went to eat in one restaurant in the noon, adult time!! Also the day was beautiful, it had snowed a bit in the night and everything was in frost. 

Thursday I got to one test panel, where we got to eat one restaurants new salads and deserts for free and to say our comments about the meals. After they collect to comments they decide whether they'r going to sell these products in the future. All the food tasted quite good, especially the lemon-liquorice cheesecake they served! Oh it was soooo good.

(Now I remember that last week, week 1,  I won in a raffle a 150 euros giftcard to Vimma company!) 

Saturday we went on a walk with Otto and baby. First time for long time. Also went to sauna (baby went to bath) in the evening. Breastfeeding moment after baby's bath is <3 . 
Also the second tooth to up showed today in the baby's mouth.

Today I went shopping to Helsinki with my friend and of course, we ate good food there too. 

Our boy is really interested of our cats Nelli and Peppi. When he born, both of the cats were scarred of him. Especially to Nelli he moving in to house was 'shock'. She spent first month almost just living in sauna and avoiding to see him. Peppi was curious of the baby and came near to see him or layed also in beside of him etc. 
Now things are upside down. Peppi is 'scarred' of the baby and Nelli doenst mind so much. She lets the boy touch her and is not living in the sauna.. :D (except after we have warmed it.) She still doesn't love him but she accepts him in the family.

I'm hoping that someday all three can be friends with each other. <3 

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