Week 3.

On monday we went to the baby swimming! It's been a while we went there last time because there was a Christmas break. Our boy likes to dive and play with the toys.
Tuesday we went AGAIN to kids adventure park.. :D third time this year. We saw there one baby girl and her mom, we have met on one babygroup in Facebook. They live also in Porvoo and her baby has born on February too. The group where we net, has been a great support for me espevially during the pregnancy and after baby's birth too. The group consist of mom's who's babys due day was on February 2017.
On Wednesday it finally snowed in Porvoo! It's been almost a snow-free winter here.. :( Without snow it not a real winter, in my opinion. With my help, my babyboy made his first snowangel. <3
Thursday it snowed even more! You can see it over our mailbox. Yey!
Thursday and Friday was full of packing. We are going to Puolanka on Sunday so we have to pack clothes etc. for week.
Saturday we drove to Imatra. Girls are staying there with my mum and her 'boyfriend'.
And Finally on Sunday we drove to Puolanka, it took about 7hours. Our baby was so nicely during to whole driving time.
And in Puolanka... Here is lot's of snow!  Whole next week here! <3

Psst. I'm lucky we don't have this kind of oven at home like in the picture left, second from up. At home I don't need to be scarred of boy turning the oven on. 

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