By Livingandloving


Friday arrived and made us happy.  Sugar loves half day Fridays.  She went with her friend after school, and they had a few adventures while I finished up work.  

I had to practice some things outside my comfort zone at work.  Darn it.....always learning...always growing. 

I picked up some pizza before grabbing these two girls and heading home for a sleepover.  These two have known each other since they were barely 3 years old.  They have a very easy and relaxed friendship.  It comes easily between them, and that is a wonderful thing.  The spent the evening going over old year books.  Until this year, they haven't been in the same school since Kindergarten.  They a lot of the same kids though, and they especially enjoyed going through their Kindergarten yearbook, and finding kids they currently have classes with.  They were entertained, and content.  It was good.  Really...really good!

PS.  The lighting in Sugar's room is always a nightmare for me to get a good white balance, so I didn't even try.  I just converted to this old timey Sepia.  

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